Mr. Brian Freise [email protected]

The many mediums used throughout the school year include; oil pastels, watercolors, clay, glaze, beads, yarn, chalk, paint, markers, and of course pencil, crayons, and paper. The artwork produced using a variety of media consist of self-portraits, pottery, collages, wood sculptures, textile weavings, and masks. Throughout the year students study the elements of texture and value as well as the principles of balance and unity, emphasis and contrast, and space and proportion. Everything from the leaves on a tree, to the St. Louis Arch, to the Greek Parthenon and African Ashanti tribes is viewed and analyzed. Students are introduced to Egyptian, Asian and African culture and art. Students’ artwork is displayed at various times in the FZSD and at St. Charles Community College. The front and back covers of the FPE yearbook are also designed by art students. Items that can be donated include: plastic bottle caps from soda, water and milk containers, plastic film canisters, wooden or plastic spools, checkbook boxes with lids, beads, buttons, yarn and ribbon.