Club Information

Art Club members have a great time doing exciting projects while learning about artists. Grade: 5 Sponsor: Mr. Freise

Book Club is for students with a love of books and reading. We meet twice a month to develop activities that promote reading throughout the
school. Grades: 3-4-5 Sponsor: Ms. May

Boomwhacker Club is for  students who enjoy beat & rhythm and want to create fun music with a group. Space is limited.
Grades: 4  & 5 Sponsor:

Computer Club activities include basic typing, creating audio-visual projects using Microsoft Office and a variety of websites and exploring basic programming. Sponsor: Ms. May

Earth Club members participate in a variety of activities including presentations by guest speakers, recycled crafts and service projects.
Grades: 3 Sponsor: Ms. May

Fiber Club is open to students of all skill and experience levels. After completing their first assigned project, students will individually select
projects that match their own skills and interests. We will be crocheting first semester and knitting will be introduced second semester. Grades: 4
& 5 Sponsor: Ms. May

News Club students will utilize technology and reporting to spread positive news stories happening at FPE. Students will learn to utilize iPads,
green screens, microphones and video editing software to produce newscasts. Students will also be required to brainstorm news stories and write
scripts for the newscast. Grades: 4 & 5 Sponsors:

PE Club is designed to allow 4th & 5th graders who have a high level of interest in sports and fitness to learn more advanced skills, games and
fitness concepts than they typically do in the regular PE class. Students play tournaments, games and learn how the different aspects of physical
fitness relate to a healthy lifestyle. Grade: 4 & 5 Sponsor: Mr. Ladd & Mrs. Lambert

Recorder Club is for students who enjoy playing the recorder and want to learn notes & skills beyond what we do in Recorder Karate. Must have music
reading ability of Level I Black Belt. Grades: 4 & 5 Sponsor:

Robotics Club students will gain exposure to engineering, computer programming and problem solving through Lego and Sphero Robotics.
Students will also learn to use math to solve real world problems in an exciting yet challenging environment. Students will work as a team to
present research, build and code a robot to solve a series of complex problems. Grade: 4 & 5 Sponsor: Mrs. Finney

Safety Patrol is comprised of responsible 5 th grade students that stand on patrol reminding other students to enter and exit the building safely.
Students will also raise and lower the flag daily. An application signed by two staff members is required. Grade: 5 Sponsor: Ms. May

School Store is operated by 5th graders. The store is open to all students every Monday & Thursday morning.
Hours 8:40 am – 9:00 am. Grade: 5 Sponsor: Ms. May

Science is a place for students who like to experiment and explore! We will be investigating different scientific subjects and creating hands on
experiments. Grades: 3, 4 & 5 Sponsor: Mrs. Hudson & Mrs. Varley.

Scrapbooking Club is for all students who like to be creative and preserve memories. Students design pages with pictures collected from school
and home. Grades: 3-4-5 Sponsor: Mrs. Bates & Ms. Gagan

Share Club conducts activities that help our school or community such as making cards for children’s hospitals and Trick or Treating for UNICEF.
If helping others makes you feel great – this club is for you! Grades: 3-4-5
Sponsor: Mrs. Eaker & Ms. Wilson

Sign Language Club you will learn the fundamentals of sign language in an engaging setting
Grades: 3-4-5 Sponsor: Mrs. Eaker

Spanish Club students will learn the Spanish alphabet, numbers and basic phrases. Students will do activities to learn more about Spanish
speaking countries and their culture. Grades: 3-4-5 Sponsor: Ms. Morley

Stamp Club will explore stamp collecting through a diverse program that will include famous people, history, geography, and other topics.
Students will collect their own stamps and maintain a stamp collecting book. Members will enjoy visits from local stamp collectors. Grades: 3-4-5
Sponsors: Ms. Diven & Ms. Ferracane

Wee Deliver is the school mail program. This club encourages students to write friendly letters for delivery to friends & staff. They operate the
Wee Deliver Post Office, sorting, canceling & delivering the mail. The club is a great opportunity for students to help their school, have fun & learn a
skill.  Grades: 3-4-5 Sponsor: Mrs. Hamilton

Yearbook Club students take pictures, work on the yearbook software program and make important decisions about what will be put into the FPE
yearbook. Grades: 4-5 Sponsor: Mrs. Lindell & Ms. May

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