P.T.C. is composed completely of volunteer parents and teachers. 

Events and efforts sponsored by P.T.C.:
* Fundraisers
* Skate Nights
* General Mills Box Tops 
* Camp & Dare Shirts

 Through fundraising efforts, the P.T.C. is able to provide Forest Park with items they would otherwise have to do without. Playground equipment, outdoor school sign, hand bells for the music department, intercom system for multipurpose room, and bulletin boards are just a few of the items that have been purchased.

It is the goal of the P.T.C. to create a school environment where the parents are involved in the day to day lives of our students. If you have two hours a week available to volunteer in a classroom – terrific – the teachers and the kids will love seeing you. If you’ve no extra time but you’re clipping and saving box tops from the food your family eats at home – great – send them to school. You don’t have to dedicate a great deal of time and effort to make a big difference – it’s the small effort coming from every single parent that makes a big difference.