Mrs. Ashleigh Tesha - Nurse [email protected]

Mrs. Therese Schlichting– Clerk [email protected]

Prescription Medications
The administration of prescription medication shall be restricted to necessary medication that cannot be given on an alternative schedule. When the school district administers the medication(s), the medicine in question must be accompanied by a physician’s order and a bottle with a current label affixed by the pharmacy showing the following:

1. Name of student
2. Name of medication
3. Date purchased
4. Physician’s name
5. Dosage and schedule of administration

Medications must be accompanied by written permission from the student’s parent/guardian. The physician’s order should give the school nurse direction for administering medication during school hours. If these guidelines are not followed, the medication will not be given and the parent will be notified. All changes in dosage must have a current bottle and physician’s order.

Over-the-Counter Medications
The parent/guardian must complete the request form for administration of over-the-counter medication and deliver the medication to school in the original manufacturer’s bottle or container. Medication dosages will be given according to the manufacturer’s label.
Please be aware: Medications will NOT be sent home on the school bus. Any left over medications will need to be picked up by the last day of school.